Roundup – STEM skills for a changing future

December 1, 2017

STEM Learning Project news

The latest edition of Words is now available for download from the WA Association of Primary Principals. It features an article by our Project Manager, Michael Peter, which outlines some of our key learnings in how to teach STEM skills to today’s students.

In other news, registrations for our workshops on the 29th and 30th of January close shortly. Get in quick!

Opinions – STEM skills for a changing future

Recent opinion pieces have centered around the changing workspaces in schools and workplaces. It seems like we are moving towards a more collaborative, flexible and digitised world. That’s why teaching STEM skills is so important. 21st century skills will give students a toolbox full of resources to deal with a world in flux.

STEM skills for a changing future
STEM skills for a changing future

First, in this insightful interview Stamford professor Malcolm Kay talks about STEM and what it means for students’ futures. From The Conversation comes this piece about how to increase STEM participation in Australia. And finally from Education HQ, an article about the rise of tech leadership in schools.

Constructive criticism?

In this section we bring you some articles about the construction industry in the STEM space. This piece gives some advice about how to build a great STEM lab. And here is an interesting example of an integrated maths and engineering course focused on construction.

We’re especially excited about this homegrown tech innovator. Fastbrick Robotics has invented a gigantic robot which builds houses from the ground up, somewhat like a 3D printer. This world-first innovation has the potential to revolutionise the construction industry. Hello affordable housing for all! Watch it in action on their website or Youtube, or read more here.

robotic bricklayer construction
Image: Fastbrick Robotics

Last of all, Australia is soon to begin a construction project that is out of this world. Australia’s first commercial space base is set to begin launching rockets within a year. That’s right, one year. I can’t get over how exciting this is.

To infinity and beyond!

Australian space agency
Image: NASA