Getting into gear: STEM workshops for teachers

February 14, 2017
Professor Mark Hackling at a workshop.

STEM – it’s a term you might have been hearing a lot of lately. But what is it, why is it so great and most importantly, how do we teach it to our students?

Teachers and principals who are looking for STEM resources will be pleased to know that the STEM Learning Project has been set up to deliver just that. We are developing a suite of resources across all year levels for WA schools. To help introduce teachers to these resources, we will be conducting professional learning workshops across WA.

What kind of resources are they?

The resources adopt a problem-based learning approach. Students seek solutions to open-ended, real-world problems, such as predicting the risk of bushfires or developing an appealing playground for young children. Each module is closely linked to the WA curriculum and includes assessment rubrics. Teachers who have trialed the resources so far have told us the resources are flexible, innovative and that the students are meaningfully engaged by the work. Finally, these resources are classroom ready and integrative, so you can cover several learning outcomes and subjects during the unit of work.


STEM Workshops Around WA

We ran a series of well-received workshops to targeted areas in 2016. Next, the STEM Learning Project will be inviting teachers to another series of workshops across W.A. in 2017. These workshops will focus on an introduction to STEM teaching and learning, and the newly developed resources. You can get the details here. For enquiries about the STEM Learning Project, click here.

Participant notes from the first STEM workshop.
Participant notes from our first workshop.