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Meet The STEM LP Team

Hello there! We are the coordinators of the STEM Learning Project. We are the people to contact with your questions and comments. We're always happy to chat!

Contact Michael Peter

Michael Peter is the Project Manager heading up the STEM Learning Project.

Contact him for:

  • General enquiries about the project.
  • Professional Learning opportunities.

Ph: +61 8 92150738

Contact Johanna Stalley

Johanna Stalley oversees the development of the primary school modules.

Contact her for enquiries about:

  • Becoming a primary module writer;
  • Becoming a primary trial teacher;
  • Attending a professional learning workshop.

Ph: +61 8 92150759

Contact Mark O'Brien

Mark O'Brien oversees the development of the secondary school modules.

Contact him for enquiries about:

  • Becoming a secondary module writer;
  • Becoming a secondary trial teacher;
  • Attending a professional learning workshop.

Ph: +61 8 92150750

Contact Via Email