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STEM education is essential for driving the innovation required to address global economic, social and environmental challenges. The importance of STEM knowledge and capabilities continues to grow as we move towards an information-based and highly technological society.

Reports have shown that seventy-five per cent of jobs in the emerging economy will require literacy in STEM. Additionally, STEM capabilities such as skills in collaboration and teamwork, creative and critical thinking, and problem solving will become crucial.

Our vision is to respond to current and future challenges by preparing students for a world that requires multi-disciplinary STEM thinking and capability.

The STEM Education Consortium

The STEM Education Consortium is a collaboration between the Educational Computing Association of WA (ECAWA), the Mathematical Association of WA (MAWA), the Science Teachers Association of WA (STAWA) and Scitech.

The Consortium aims to provide leadership and support to promote STEM education to all Western Australian schools.