The Stem Learning Project was established to deliver a range of innovative STEM teaching resources that align with the Western Australian Curriculum including the General Capabilities. The resources are targeted toward public school teachers who are interested in STEM teaching approaches and resources that will translate into classroom practice. The aim of these resources is to generate students’ interest, enjoyment and engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). The resources will support teachers to teach STEM in an integrative way from Kindergarten to Year 12 and have been developed with input from Western Australian school teachers.


The focus is on a problem based approach that engages students in collaborative learning. This problem based learning approach encourages collaborative thinking to solve a pre-defined problem. Problems are interdisciplinary, have a real world context and are open-ended.


The resources are currently in the trial phase. They will be available to public  schools across WA from 2018-2019 through the Department of Education Connect portal. Professional Learning workshops are now rolling out across WA to introduce the modules.



STEM teaching resources

STEM education is essential for driving the innovation required to address global economic, social and environmental challenges. The importance of STEM knowledge and capabilities continues to grow as we move towards an information-based and highly technological society.

Reports have shown that seventy-five per cent of jobs in the emerging economy will require literacy in STEM. Additionally, STEM capabilities such as skills in collaboration and teamwork, creative and critical thinking, and problem solving will become crucial.

Our vision is to respond to current and future challenges by preparing students for a world that requires multi-disciplinary STEM thinking and capability.

The Team

The STEM Learning Project is managed by a consortium comprising the Educational Computing Association of WA (ECAWA), the Mathematical Association of WA (MAWA), the Science Teachers Association of WA (STAWA) and Scitech.


The consortium has formed a Project Control Group comprising representatives of the consortium members, with Professor Mark Hackling as the Chair. Michael Peter serves as the Project Manager, with Johanna Stalley coordinating the primary school program and Mark O’Brien coordinating the secondary school program.


The STEM Learning Project is based on partnerships with schools and co-creation practices that draw on the expertise of Western Australian school teachers.

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If you would have questions of would like to attend a workshop or having filming occur in your school we would love to hear from you!

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